“Do YOU” with Paul Anthony Smith!

13 Jun


There comes a time in ones purpose driven life when your life crosses paths with someone that enhances your walk along that road of purpose. So, I’d been hearing about a particular guy from a friend of mine, Mr. David Anderson –“Hey, a friend of mine wants to start a podcast, too!” Ehh, It seemed like this podcast trend thing had exploded. I began to ponder, I’m just a beginner myself so I wasn’t quite sure what or how much I could offer this new voice. David’s persistence finally led to a phone conversation with my guest today, Mr. Paul Anthony Smith. After about 30 seconds into our conversation I instinctively knew why we had to work together to get out his passion for his personal project & I COULD NOT WAIT to feature him on theGlamnalysis! I was refreshed! I had so many questions! I was expectant! Ok, I guess you wanna know, so what’s his lane? This man is a combination of Iyanla Vanzant,Tony Gaskins & Pharrell Williams! How can that be?-you may ask–I know it’s cray! But just listen–You gon’ learn today!

As Paul & I were sitting at A 2nd Cup in the Heights area of Houston enjoying coffee while recording this episode, I was taken back to the “God is Gangsta” video by Kendrick Lamar. When your disgusted by what you currently see in the mirror, the wise man surrenders and is transformed to live a life of purpose to touch others causing a spark igniting their transformation.

Of course you guys have warmed my heart by opening your ears to hear about my personal & career experiences & style advise but what you are now privy to, will enrich & transform your life thus enabling you to end any “DIS-EASE”, “Look yourself in the mirror to find “THE WHY” which will inevitably allow you to “DO YOU”!

Just think about that. DO YOU. I’ve been meditating on this and created
my own acronym for Y.O.U.–Yielding 2 Ones’ Uniqueness (take out the 2 LoL).
When we yield to our own uniqueness we become comfortable to do the work & purpose in that which we were created to do.
We are able live our best lives & bear our most beautiful souls.
Alright alright, enough from me.

Paul with his lovely wife & son! Aren't they all GORGEOUS!!!
Paul with his lovely wife & son! Aren’t they all GORGEOUS!!!

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Intro & Outro song is “The Way that You Love me” by Jonathan McReynolds- Download Now!


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