22 Apr

Good day people!
Thank you for joining me on this journey as I share my story about being and staying inspired as a creative! If you know me, you know I have a major affection for STYLE and I define is as,
STAYING TRUE to YOURSELF while LOOKING EXTRAORDINARY! If you don’t know me, well…that’s what this whole podcast journey is all about!
I want to deem this podcast as an artful version of SUPER SOUL SUNDAY (I am an OWN addict!)
In these parts, we will discuss, laugh, ponder and analyze all things Glam. I will be featuring guests that I admire that I have previously worked with or hope to soon.

During this introduction, you will hear mentions about some fabulous people I have met along my path thus far.
Mentions within this episode are as follows (respectfully):

Niyi Okuboyejo: PostImperial

Dobale: Dobale Clothing

KarynJenius: Vixen Polish

Hope Morgan: Haute Hope!

RobynMicheleBishop: Beauty & LuxeLifeHair Expert

KrystalNicole: KrystalNicole Photography

Now, sit back and relax as a share with you some of the deepest parts of my soul…my art…which is my heart! This is my first stab at this so I’m looking forward to getting better and better along the way with more experience within this personal podcast world.

-Otti Out


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