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30 Nov

Back from Thanksgiving and it’s time for a re-up! I’m so excited about the time I got to spend with my good friend Marcus Ford of The MF Design. And as we pay homage to the movie “Boomerang” I just have to say it…MAAAAAAAAARCUS DAAAAAAAHLIIING! IMG_9088

Before our talk, there was already so much that I admired about Marcus. His creative genius from decorating places & spaces to clothing back to entrepreneurship are all inspiring and contagious. He is Classic & refined. Chic & creative. But this is just the surface…things got deep! It’s takes a unique soul to go through life changing loss and remain a gentleman that is down to earth and doesn’t put on airs. This podcast explains how he is able to embody so many great characteristics while remaining insightful and self-less…hmmm…I wonder what/who he can attribute this to? Praise HIM! (he-he)

Take a listen to be inspired from this decor connoissuer, humble husband and faithful friend.

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Places and spaces mentioned:
Premium Goods
Killen’s Steakhouse
Capital Grille
Zion Rootswear

P.S. As mentioned in the podcast, I unfortunately can’t find the pic of me from one of my bday gatherings at ‘THE LIVING ROOM’ It’s somewhere in the cloud! Once I find it you guys will be the first to see 😉
And if you haven’t seen the movie “BOOMERANG”TheMFDesign2TheMFDesign1 …What is your life about?! Watch it…immediately!


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