“Hills in Heels” with NIA PERRY!

27 Jan


So here’s the real deal, there are certain people in life we meet because we were in a specific place at a specific time, on PURPOSE. Those are the people we can count on that add substance, value and lessons of PURPOSE! Nia Perry is exactly one of those people. I was honored to sit down with her and talk about her life of passion and PURPOSE! Her passion for art through fashion, events and MARKETING! She is a guru people. If you are a biz veteran and need a revamp or may be up and coming on the scene and need consulting she is your go-to lady.
You will also learn how she remained strong despite unforeseen circumstances, wisdom for awkward insecurities, walking up hills in heels and how to GO TO THE NEXT LEVEL by simply believing you have to KEEP GOING!!!
Nia is FREE and you all will feel that in this episode of The Glamnalysis!

She has a webinar where she will display even more marketing wisdom so check out her social media here:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nia.perry
Instagram: www.instagram.com/perryfamilymktg/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PerryFamilyMktg

I can’t wait to hear your feedback.


Listen, Learn, Peacefully, PURPOSEFULLY!!!

Happiness, Sisterhood!
Happiness, Sisterhood!




On location at Davis Street

Song: Heels by Q-tip


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